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Thanks to Teachers: Kim Serenius

Thanks to Teachers: Kim Serenius
Thanks to Teachers: Kim Serenius - WLOS

Writing stories. For many of us, it comes easy.

For others, not so much. But, one teacher is helping her students learn to write by using their favorite subject.

Kim Serenius has taught third grade here at Clyde Elementary for twenty-six years. After all this time, she says the kids keep her job exciting and new.

"What is a personal narrative?" Serenius asks her students. "It is a story where you are the main character," she explains, adding "it is a true story."

The longtime teacher helps her students come up with happy memories involving family and friends, knowing this will make them more eager to share their stories and hone their writing skills.

"Kids LOVE to talk and write about themselves and their friends and their family members," explains Serenius.

Student Hailyn says she wasn’t much a writer at the beginning of the school year.

But, now, "I can write neater. I know my cursive now. In fact, I couldn’t even write a little bit in cursive," laughs the third grader.

And, Hailyn is ready to share her story with the class.

"Me and my friends trying to earn money made things to eat and all that. Cookies, brownies, banana bread," says Hailyn when asked about her story and the food she made.

Classmate Slader dreams of playing football for the Carolina Panthers one day.

But, today, he’s enjoying reading and writing from Ms. Serenius.

"She’s super funny and she’s really nice," says Slader.

Kim Serenius’ own story includes knowing what she wanted from a young age,

"I’m one of those typical teachers who played ‘teacher’ as a child," she remembers.

She's made the dream reality for more than a quarter of a century, supported at a school she says is family.

"Especially in my grade level. We are pretty close-knit. It helps when you have people you can count on and laugh with." states the longtime teacher.

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