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Thanks to Teachers: Samantha Couch

Thanks to Teachers: Samantha Couch
Thanks to Teachers: Samantha Couch - WLOS

When students fall behind in school, you may not think of extra amounts of dancing, running and meditating to catch them up.

But, one teacher says that’s what her students need.

At Clear Creek Elementary School, first-grade teacher Samantha Couch is all about keeping her kids moving. She says the activity is crucial to helping them catch up during a challenging year.

The students seemed to thrive at this challenging math game.

But, early in the year, Samantha Couch was concerned.

Her group missed the last quarter of Kindergarten in person due to the pandemic, and they were behind.

"They already came in a lot lower and more behind than a typical first-grade student," Couch recalls.

Couch had both her in-person and virtual students take frequent ‘brain breaks’ also known as dance time.

After the dancing, came lessons on breathing techniques that were fun for a first-grader.

Soon Couch noticed her students making great strides academically.

"Right now, honestly, everything is a little frustrating and hard because they missed so much with the coronavirus. I found that movement and managing those emotions have made our learning come quicker," Couch explains.

"Dancing makes me feel better, whenever I’m in a bad mood," says student Paisley.

The first-grader adds she’s learned a lot this year.

"I feel really smart right now," says Paisley. "At one time in writing time, I was actually doing problems in my writing from my picture."

Classmate Jace also enjoys writing.

"Right now, I’m working on a book. I already made one book about space," says Jace.

Couch has been a teacher for five years, all at Clear Creek.

No surprise she was inspired by a 6th-grade teacher who was all about movement.

"I had a wonderful science teacher who would walk on the tables. She had a pet snake 32:30 She would take the snake around and let us pet it while she was teaching," remembers Couch.

Couch says she plans to keep on moving, dancing and keeping her students active long after the pandemic is over.

"I’m just thankful for our school family and the parents I have in my classroom who want their kids to succeed, and who partner with me to help them succeed," says Couch.

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