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Thanks to Teachers: Lisa Cook

Thanks to Teachers: Lisa Cook
Thanks to Teachers: Lisa Cook - WLOS

At Pisgah High School, Lisa Cook’s special education students are known as the heart and soul of the student body. Cook is being recognized for making her students comfortable and keeping the learning practical.

Lisa Cook had a small, but very spirited class as Andrew, Grayson and two teachers' assistants showed their school spirit.

Cook was speechless when Pisgah High staff members told her she would be featured for this week's Thanks to Teachers,’ but once class resumed, she had plenty to say, ranging from what a genealogist does for a living, to the landing of the Mars Rover.

In addition to the usual lessons involving time and money, Cook says it’s essential Andrew and Grayson discuss different types of job and news events.

"They really do care about other people. They’re not judgmental," Cook says of her students "They just don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. They truly want to be sociable. They want to be friends with everyone."

While that friendliness makes Andrew and Grayson rock stars in school, Cook says she wants them to carry that status beyond Pisgah High School and into the workplace.

Cook, a former stay-at-home mom of three, went back to work as a teacher's assistant when her youngest began school.

She later earned her master's degree and has been teaching special ed for fourteen years, seven at Pisgah High.

Pisgah High School Principal Clint Conner has worked with Cook for most of her teaching career.

"You’re having a bad day, you pop into Lisa’s class, and that’s going to change pretty quick. That’s what makes me proud of her, less of her and more about the kids, and, that’s every day," says Conner.

"I just want them to be successful, in society, find their place, find something they love doing and hopefully be able to continue on with that," says Lisa Cook.

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