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Thanks to Teachers: Raegan Solomon

Thanks to Teachers: Raegan Solomon
Thanks to Teachers: Raegan Solomon - WLOS

At Estes Elementary School, second-grade teacher Raegan Solomon was preparing for a quiet afternoon of reading to her virtual students, until one of those students surprised her in person.

"You have won the WLOS ‘Thanks to Teachers," says the mom of second-grader Grayson, as she and her daughter enter the classroom.

Surprised, Ms. Solomon shows her virtual class the little girl and her mom. Clapping, cheering and an 'air hug' between Ms. Solomon and Grayson happens.

"She’s really encouraging and positive, and she always has a smile on her face," says Grayson when asked what she likes most about her teacher.

And, when Grayson made a mistake, she says Ms. Solomon’s comments kept her going.

"She always puts comments like ‘you can do it,’ and ‘good work," explains the second-grader.

Raegan Solomon has been a teacher for 17 years, six of those at Estes.

She’s living her dream.

"I have always wanted to be a teacher, even after some suggestions I try other things while in college, it is definitely where I’m meant to be," states Solomon.

Ms. Solomon credits her students’ families and the staff at Estes for helping her do a great job.

She ends the class reading a lively version of Matilda, but not before giving Grayson some more encouraging words, this time in person.

"You are learning so much and I am so proud. What we are doing is not easy, and you have made it look simple. I’m so proud!" says Ms. Solomon to her young student.

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