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Thanks to Teachers: Michelle Berry

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Thanks to Teachers: Michelle Berry - WLOS

Fourth grade teacher Michelle Berry has been working at Leicester Elementary for 21 years.

She says the family atmosphere can’t be beat, and, one of her students, new to the school this year, agrees.

Today’s lesson is on making a paper quilt of North Carolina state history.

Michelle Berry says Leicester Elementary has a rich history of it’s own. "We kind of all have the same mindset about where we want these kids to go. It’s not just about their grades. It’s not just about how smart they are. We’re trying to develop them into fine young individuals that will grow up to be good members of society," says Berry.

The longtime teacher says she’s seen plenty of her students become successful in life, partly due to the school’s family atmosphere. "In my classroom, I tell them I’m their other mother, and those are their brothers and sisters in there, not just their classmates."

While joining a family is not always easy, fourth grader Mia knew, even when meeting her new teacher and classmates online earlier this year, she was getting into something special.

"I don’t think I’ve done anything like this in other schools, and, I’ve been in a lot of schools," says fourth grader Mia. "It was like maybe a month later, maybe some weeks, and I thought to myself, ‘none of my teachers treat me the way this teacher does."

Mia says Ms. Berry has made it easy for her to learn and become a top student.

Classmate Evan agrees. "We’ve done so much things together that me and my family really don’t do that often," says Evan.

Michelle Berry says she wanted to be a teacher since second grade, thanks to her own great teacher that year, and continues to love what she does.

"You never know what you’re going to get when you go in that door, and, when you leave, you have different memories. Not many jobs are like that. And, it’s not a job for me at all. For me, it’s a calling."

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