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Thanks to Teachers: Madena Dixon

Thanks to Teachers: Madena Dixon
Thanks to Teachers: Madena Dixon - WLOS

Madena Dixon, a teacher at Pinnacle for 21 years, says displaying her virtual students’ posters on Black History Month in the front of the school is just one way to help them feel more like they’re still part of the school.

"One of the main things I want my kids to take away from anything that I do is that I care for them and I love them," states Dixon.

Christina McSwain's daughter, Ariel, is learning virtually because of high-risk family members. "Our internet is awful, awful," says Christina.

"A little angry at my computer," says Ariel when asked how she feels about virtual learning.

Because Ariel often lost her connection and got kicked out of zoom meetings, Madena Dixon agreed to meet with her once a week, to make sure the 4th grader was caught up.

"Anything and everything she can do to help us, she has done," says McSwain.

"I know more about what I’m doing," says Ariel.

Ms. Dixon says she has no problem going the extra mile after seeing how hard some of her student’s parents are working.

"I have moms that work all day long. They get home. They get supper on the table, and it’s nine and ten o clock at night when they’re trying to help their children, and they’ll call me," says the teacher.

Madena Dixon, from Florida, comes from a family of teachers and says there’s nowhere she would rather be than Pinnacle Elementary.

"I feel like the Lord lead me here, literally. This was where I was needed. This is where I CAN make a difference." says Dixon.

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