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Thanks to Teachers: Darsey Fox

Thanks to Teachers: Darsey Fox
Thanks to Teachers: Darsey Fox - WLOS

At Junaluska Elementary School, third-grade teacher Darsey Fox is one of three virtual teachers here. Today, she was recognized by a grateful mom who says the extra time Ms. Fox took with her daughter has helped her child catch up.

One of her students, Dezi, and her mom, Shelby Bradley, came to the school in-person to thank the teacher who has helped Dezi learn so much this year.

"Not only does she care about her students, but she cares about her students’ families as well," says Shelby.

Shelby says Dezi was behind in school. But, this year, a little extra time with Ms. Fox fixed the problem.

"I love how good she’s nice and how she takes things slow," adds Dezi.

"I try to put myself in the parents’ shoes and think about life at home, how it’s different for everybody," says Darsey Fox.

Fox, a teacher for 15 years, four of those at Junaluska, says teaching virtually has given her insight into her students’ lives that she didn’t have before.

About Dezi, "She’s very social. She loves to talk and show us around her house. She’s got a new baby brother, so we love to see him. And, that’s one of the fun parts about virtual teaching. You really get to know the families a lot more," says Fox.

Fox adds making small adjustments to accommodate each student and family pays off in big ways.

She says Dezi should be ready for 4th grade next year.

"We learn about measurements and all that stuff. It’s really fun to me," says Dezi.

"I’m a parent as well, so I know things come up, and life happens," Fox explains. "I feel like it’s just better for everybody if we just work together."

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