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Thanks to Teachers: Sam Bogan

Thanks to Teachers: Sam Bogan (Photo credit: WLOS)

At Waynesville Middle School, music teacher Sam Bogan recalls loving music from an early age.

"My mom always sang in the car. She would turn up the radio. I knew every word to every 90’s country song."

Bogan began playing the trumpet in sixth grade and never stopped.

He’s taught music for fourteen years, the last three at Waynesville Middle.

"It’s a ton of fun. He really knows how to make us laugh, and, he’s taught us a lot," says eighth-grader Isabella.

"He explains music very well. Basically, he knows how to read every note. He knows, just everything," adds sixth-grader Kaiden.

Bogan is also an army reservist who plays trumpet in the 208th Army Band.

He continues to take lessons and is going to graduate school to get his master's degree in Music Education.

Even though Bogan says he was warned about the burnout that can come with the job

"I’ve never really felt that," says Bogan. " I go home and I like to practice late at night when my kids go to bed. I like to talk about music. It’s my hobby, as well as my job."

A job that includes co-teaching with Adam Stewart and providing a safe and creative environment for his students.

"A place where kids feel comfortable making a mistake, and know how to respond to making a mistake in the classroom because it’s ok," says the teacher.

"I want to try to stay in music after college. Maybe have like a part-time job doing something music-related because it’s really changed my life and I really enjoy it a lot," says Isabella.

"I’m going to stay in it for most of my life," Kaiden adds.

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