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Thanks to Teachers: Briannah Goodson

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Teacher Briannah Goodson show her students strategies to solve math problems. (Photo Credit: WLOS Staff)

Second-grade math is in full swing at North Canton Elementary School.

Teacher Briannah Goodson show her students strategies to solve math problems.

"I just love being part of children’s lives and preparing them for the future. Building those relationships with them is my number one priority," Goodson explains.

One of those relationships is with Brooklynn, who is confident and well-spoken.

"I’m really smart and I can do things really easily," says the 8-year-old. "But, sometimes, I get stuck on stuff, and Ms. Goodson helps us."

Brooklynn lost her dad a couple of years ago and is coming to grips with growing up without him.

"Her heart misses her dad. She comes and tells me and we give her a big hug, and we talk about how he’s with her. When she thinks about him, he’s visiting her," says Ms. Goodson.

"Sometimes I would get really emotional, and I was thinking about him, and I would just go up to Ms. Goodson and I would tell her how I felt, and I would just get a hug from her," says Brooklyn.

Goodson, a teacher at North Canton for eight years, says she was equipped to help Brooklynn, partly because of her own childhood.

"When I was in first grade, I had a wonderful teacher who helped me through my parents’ divorce, so I knew since first grade, I wanted to be a teacher," she explains.

A teacher who has given Brooklynn strategies for solving both math problems and life issues.

"All my friends, they will help me through things that happened in my life. And there are things that’s things that’s sad happened about me, and they helped me through it," adds the third grader.

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