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Thanks to Teachers: Jade Crawford

Thanks to Teachers: Jade Crawford - WLOS
Thanks to Teachers: Jade Crawford - WLOS

It’s time for a ‘brain break’ in Jade Crawford’s first-grade classroom at Bethel Elementary School. The kids dance, sing and exercise.

Aiden is one of the students enjoying moving around.

But, earlier in the year, Aiden had trouble finding his own rhythm, being in a different class than his twin brother.

“He was kind of shy and timid about it for a while,” recalls Crawford. “ I think, you know when the other half of your is away in a different place.”

Aiden’s mother says Ms. Crawford, a longtime teacher, in her third year at Bethel Elementary, quickly made her son feel comfortable.

Now, Aiden is thriving.

“ I like seeing my friends. I like playing. I like writing stuff,” states Aiden.

Crawford says she’s paying it forward since she was blessed with a fantastic teacher.

“I was one of those people, who as a child, I would play school, set up my stuffed animals, and have the books and played school. I had a wonderful teacher in 2nd grade. Her name was Ms. Hudson, and she was kind of the reason I wanted to become a teacher,” remembers Crawford.

Today, Crawford’s first graders learn the difference between fact and fiction.

They shared a few facts about their teacher.

“She teaches us a lot of things. She teaches us how to write and stuff,” says student Alayna.

“She’s really nice to us,” adds classmate Todd.

“I want all my kids to know they are important to me and I love them, and that, their struggles are my struggles,” says Jade Crawford.

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